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A simple mind manager, better than all todo-lists applications, to note all current activities, todolists, and much more.

The main goal of my mind-manager is job : project management requires to remind all actions in parallel, and to record all progress of it. So what should we do? Use Post-it? Use a write-once read-never notebook ? Use complex todolists (Outlook, or other), that require many clicks to activate ? Waoo.

I prefer my system : from any application, your tasks remain visible. Give a color to each task to show the emergency level in 2 clicks, move items left-and-right, enter details of actions, give instantaneous feedback to your boss in 1 click...
With some facilities :
  1. always-on-top bar, though hideable in 1 click
  2. auto-save on disk, with weekly backups
  3. timstamped history of all action states in an XML file, with weekly backups
  4. history browsing while watching an item ; difference shown in a popup
  5. items can be created or removed as much as you much
  6. color-selection in a easy way
  7. drag and drop items to order them
  8. popups are dockable where you want in the screen
  9. popups sizes are changeable and remembered
  10. ESC to commit and give the focus back to the previous application
  11. tab/untab to indent paragraphs ; automatic paragraph continuation
  12. date insertion hotkey
  13. system notification icon
  14. undo editing while text input
  15. alarm : set a date at which the tab will flash to remind you to take an action
  16. archive : archived items can be hidden from standard view

Output are simple optimized XML files, editable by any text editor or browser. Parameters are in a plain text file.
The program based on Java should run on any system (Windows, Mac, Linux).

I professionnaly use my software since 2011 all day long on Windows XP/Vista. It helps me a lot !

To get a licence, please contact me at

O. Matheret

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