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A tool to bugfix Windows behavior and automate window positionning on multi-monitor systems :

The main goal of my multimonitor tool is
  1. job : my laptop is continuously plugged or removed to the standalone screen. On the desk, I want a dual screen with applications spanned on boths screens. When leaving to a meeting, I want all applications to come back to the laptop screen. But when I come back to the desk, I want the applications to go back on both screens.
  2. home : when I plug my projector, I want my media player (mplayer) to automatically display on it.
  3. in both cases : as I don't work constantly with the external monitor plugged in, I have to go back, quite often, to Windows settings, to enable the external display, fix the resolution, set the multi-monitor capability and the virtual screen positions... Thanks, Windows, to do it automatically only 2 times out of 3...

So I'm currently building a tool that
  1. detects the external monitor, activates it, sets the correct resolution and position (based on last settings the user has manually set and declared as memorized)
  2. move the open applications to where they were before unplugging the external monitor
  3. move back all open applications on the main screen when the external monitor is unplugged
  4. detect applications launch to display them at their last used position

The program runs on Windows XP and Vista.

I plan to use it professionnaly and at home from 2012.

To get a licence, please contact me at

O. Matheret

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